Glenn & Andrea’s 20th Anniversary Surprise

When Glenn came into our Walnut Creek store looking for a 20th anniversary gift for his wife, we could not wait to help! Glenn said that aside from their four boys, all his wife ever wanted was a solitaire ring with a princess cut diamond. The Shane Co. team worked with him to find the perfect ring and then began to help him devise a plan to surprise her with it on their anniversary. The store went above and beyond, decorating a store display with personalized pictures, flowers and a sign. When Glenn showed up with his wife, she could not believe her eyes!


Of course we absolutely loved this beautiful story, so we interviewed Glenn and got all the romantic details! Keep reading to have your heart melt.

What have been some of the most memorable times during your marriage?

Having our four wonderful boys and being able to have my wife stay home with them and be the most wonderful mother.

Why did you decide to have your 20th anniversary surprise at Shane Co. and how did you make it happen?

Knowing that my wife’s favorite restaurant was a few miles from Shane Co., I made reservations there for our anniversary, telling her that we could have my ring resized for our 20th anniversary before dinner. Months before, I visited the store and selected the anniversary ring for my wife. I had been making payments every Tuesday leading up to the anniversary. The staff at Shane Co. always made me feel very special and I felt that I wanted to share that feeling with my wife. Sarah, the cashier, introduced me to Erica, the Assistant Operations Manager, and it all became possible. We also had the help of the store manager, Jess.

How did you keep this big surprise a secret?

This was the hardest thing I have ever done, because we share everything. Every Tuesday I would drive to Shane Co. to make a payment, asking for no phone calls and emails. They respected my wishes and worked with me all the way through. I also told my oldest boys to keep it a secret and surprise her by popping up around the corner with a cake after she saw the display.

How would you describe the ring you gave your wife? What made you select that style?

I would describe the ring I gave my wife the same way I describe her: one-of-a-kind! And as far as the style, it’s how I look at her: as a princess.


What is the best piece of marriage advice you ever received?

Never go to bed angry and try to think of every day as the first time you met. Always try to find humor in your day to share, rather than upsetting moments that bring you down.

When and where was your wedding 20 years ago?

Our wedding was on October 5, 1996 in San Jose with only our closest family and friends in a park.

What was your wife’s reaction to the surprise?

Just when she thought this relationship couldn’t get any better I put an extra twinkle in her eye. She was extremely happy and in shock! She was also sad that I have been working on restoring my grandpa’s car almost 30 years and I decided to use the money towards the ring and not for myself.


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