Finding Your Dream Ring at Shane Co.

Working for Shane Co. has many rewards that present themselves daily in a variety of ways. One of the best rewards we receive is an emotional one, complete with those feel-good goosebumps you get when the inspirational music starts playing during a heartwarming moment in your favorite show. Every day we play an integral role in our customers’ lives, usually involving their most joyous life events. While we guide couples through the labyrinth of engagement ring options and the 4 Cs of diamonds, we get a brief glimpse into their love story. For even a split second, we get to see the friendly teasing, unbridled excitement or even the awkward but enduring front of someone who doesn’t want to admit how completely overwhelmed but thankful they are to be listening to the information. It would be hard to find a single thing that is more warm and fuzzy than the experiences we share with our customers each day. But there is one story in particular that represents how touching our customers’ stories can be.

We recently met a couple in Overland Park. They had been searching online for the perfect engagement ring. She found several she liked, but never THE ONE, until they stumbled across our website.

She came in without him because he was in the Army and stationed in Iraq at the time. He wasn’t going to be home for a while, and she wanted to see the ring in person. She saw her ring, in all its sparkling glory, and fell in love all over again. Melissa, our sales associate, wrote all of the information down and asked for his contact information with the intention of reaching out to him to see what his game plan was.

It was difficult with the time difference between Kansas and Iraq, but Melissa was able to connect with the customer’s boyfriend via email and she walked him through the process. He shared his budget, which easily accommodated the diamond his girlfriend had originally selected, and explained his plan to Melissa. They began to devise a plan for his girlfriend to come back into the store one last time.

His girlfriend came back to Shane Co. with her son under the guise that she should look at the ring one last time to make sure we had the exact ring she wanted. As she spoke with our associate, her phone rang. She was shocked to see he was calling her at that very second. She quickly answered, laughing at the irony. They spoke for a moment and she handed the phone to Melissa. He wanted to speak with her. More specifically, he wanted to make sure everything was ready. As soon as Melissa took the phone, she asked one simple question: “Is it time?”  With that, she handed the phone to our customer and when the phone was resting back on her ear, Melissa presented the ring in the leather-wrapped Shane Co. box, mounted and sized, ready for her finger.

Tears poured out of her eyes and a huge smile washed over her face. She was able to walk out of the store that day with her dream ring. Being able to make experiences like this happen is the most rewarding part of working at Shane Co.

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