Emily & Eric’s Fast-Paced Proposal

Emily was completely shocked when her boyfriend of several years popped the question! Here’s their adorable story:

Emily and Eric met in high school—in accounting class! They had a lot of mutual friends and began to hang out after school. As the years went by, the two only became closer. But even after years of dating, Emily says she was completely clueless that he was about to propose. It was a cold winter morning when she got the surprise of a lifetime! Eric asked Emily to go run with him and his brother. Even though it was freezing out, Emily was training for a mini marathon and knew she needed to prepare for her big race. In the middle of the run, Eric and his brother slowed down by a bench, saying they needed to stop for a drink. As the three began to catch their breath, Eric turned to Emily and said, “Isn’t this where I told you I loved you for the first time?” She agreed, it was the spot! Emily says she still had no idea what was going on. Eric then grabbed her hand and walked her over to the water. It was here that Eric pulled the ring box out of his pocket and asked Emily to marry him! Without hesitation, she said “yes!”Ring 1

Eric proposed with a stunning split-shank halo engagement ring in 14k white gold. Emily had shown Eric pictures of engagement rings she liked on Pinterest before, and Eric took those suggestions and went to Shane Co. to find a ring to match her preferences. Emily says she was blown away and couldn’t be happier with the one he chose for her.

Emily and Eric plan to get married next spring. We are so excited for the happy couple!

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