Dennis & Aksana’s Monterey Proposal

Surprise proposals get us every time! You have to read this adorable Shane Co. couple’s story.

Dennis and Aksana both live in the Bay Area and had seen each other around over the years at church and had mutual friends, but did not officially meet until December 12, 2015. The two were at a birthday celebration in the mountains and Dennis came over to introduce himself. After officially meeting they began chatting on Snapchat and started spending time together. The two became good friends and Dennis even planned Aksana’s birthday party. A few months into their friendship Aksana got into a car accident and Dennis rushed to the hospital to be with her. He stayed all night and the next day he helped feed her and make sure she was taken care of. Aksana says this is when she realized she wanted to be with Dennis as more than friends!

Fast-forward to this spring. The couple continued to make more memories together. One day Aksana’s sister told her they should have a girls’ day in Monterey. Later in the day the two were heading out to dinner when Aksana’s sister pointed out that there was a path of rose petals. Aksana, not sure what to make of it, followed them down to the water. When she got to the end of the trail she saw Dennis waiting! He asked her to marry him and she said yes! They celebrated by going to a seafood and steak restaurant with their close friends and family.

Aksana had casually mentioned to Dennis that if she were to get an engagement ring, she wanted a white gold halo with a diamond, which is her birthstone. Dennis told us he also used her Pinterest profile to see what type of ring style she liked. He proposed with a sparkling vintage-inspired ring. Aksana said he did an amazing job ring hunting!

We’re thrilled to be a part of this beautiful love story! We wish Aksana and Dennis a lifetime of happiness!

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