Creative Holiday Proposals: Fan Photo Edition

During the holidays, you’ll be surrounded by loved ones, special traditions and ready-made memorable settings, making it a spectacular time of year to propose. If you’re thinking about popping the big question, here are a few of our favorite ways that Shane Co. fans have done it:

1. Make It Gorgeous


Head somewhere festive that will provide a stunning backdrop for your proposal, like a botanical garden, gorgeous nature scene, or even a Christmas tree farm! She’ll always remember how beautiful her engagement was.

2. Light Up Her Life


Take her somewhere with gorgeous holiday lights that puts her in the Christmas spirit. Once you get to the perfect spot, get down on one knee and pop the question! Another idea is to ask some friends and family members to help you spell out “Marry me?” on the roof, and then watch her jaw drop as she walks up to the house and someone flips the switch!

3. Make It Unique to Her


What winter activity does your lady love doing more than anything else in the world? Whether it’s snowboarding, building a snowman or sledding, you can find a way to incorporate it into your proposal. When you pop the big question, she’ll be having the time of her life.

4. Trim the Tree


There are two ways you could execute this proposal idea. One idea is to get up during the night and redecorate your Christmas tree in preparation for the big proposal. Add ornaments that have to do with your relationship, like pictures of the two of you, or trinkets with important dates on them. Last but not least, slip the ring onto an ornament for her to find. The second idea involves completely un-decorating the tree. That’s right, strip the tree bare! In place of all the previous decorations, hang up just one: her ring! Believe us, it will make for a Christmas morning to remember!

If you still need to find her dream ring to make her proposal absolutely perfect, head to your local Shane Co. or!

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