Congratulations Frank & Alayna!

One of the wonderful things about working at Shane Co. is getting to share in the joy that our couples experience.Every couple has their own story of how they met and how their journey brought them to our store. And there are some couples whose joy is so contagious you can’t help but smile when you’re around them. In January, 2013, a young couple came into Shane Co. in Tigard, Oregon. Frank Garcia and Alayna Hamilton were bubbling over with energy and were so much fun to work with! Their overwhelming love for each other and excitement about getting married kept all of us grinning. Frank and I worked together to secretly put Alayna’s engagement ring into layaway while they were still in the store. But I made Alayna think Frank was just going to “think about it” and I’d follow up with him. #winkwink Later, after the proposal, they came back in and Alayna exclaimed, “You guys tricked me! You did such a good job!” She had no idea that Frank had spoiled her with her dream ring, and the surprise proposal at the Japanese Gardens had been an absolute success.

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Frank and Alayna would stop by Shane Co. throughout the following year to say hello and make her ring extra sparkly. I even took a picture of them together in the store after she said yes.  Frank surprised Alayna with a freshwater pearl set for her to wear on their wedding day. And every time they would come into the store, even if I was busy helping another couple, Alayna would run up to me and give me a huge hug. Her joy, the joy that radiated around both of them, always brightened my day.

In March 2014, with their wedding day just around the corner, Alayna and Frank came in to visit the store again. This time they came in to invite me to their wedding! I was delighted and excited to share in their special day. And of course, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Their ceremony was beautiful. They had a slideshow with pictures and video clips from throughout their relationship. The photo that I had taken of them at Shane Company was one of the pictures they used! It felt really special to have shared in one of the moments they were sharing with everyone at the wedding. They not only each wrote their own vows, but they wrote a ring on his finger, she giggled and exclaimed, “Yay!” It made me laugh, to see her dancing with so much excitement on her wedding day. Joy was literally spilling out of her, out of both of them. And the rings that I sold them were a symbolic part of the ceremony, of their love. It was an incredible reminder that what I do every day becomes part of the most important day in people’s lives. The snapshots of seemingly small moments become a permanent part of their story, of their history. That is inspiring and part of why I love my job. It brings me great joy.


To Mr. and Mrs. Frank Garcia, and all the couples that brighten our days, cheers to you, to your love, your joy. May your love continue to paint smiles on the faces of everyone lucky enough to share in your journey.

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