Christine & Drew’s Cape Cod Proposal

Surprise proposals are our absolute favorite, and this Shane Co. customer’s story was too cute not to share.

Christine and Drew met across a bar, but this is not your typical girl-meets-guy-in-a-bar story. She was the bartender paying her way through school, and Drew was the regular who frequented the bar for meetings. His boss was the one who set them up!

Fast-forward to this year and Drew booked a flight for Christine and him to visit his family on Cape Cod during her school break. They invited Christine’s family as well, thinking it would be a great opportunity for them to meet each other. As they got closer to the trip, Drew made the decision to pop the question and visited Shane Co. in Denver in search of the perfect ring for Christine. She had shared some details about what she liked at a Rockies game a few weeks prior, so he had a good idea of what to get.


After the first day of their trip on the beach, it became clear that the timing was just right. Drew asked Christine’s dad for his blessing over fishing and the next morning, Drew and Christine woke up at 6 a.m. to go fishing. Christine reluctantly came along, despite the early departure, and she brushed off Drew’s excitement as his normal behavior on a fishing trip.

As the two walked out to the dock, the sun was rising and it was absolutely beautiful. The first thing Drew asked her was, “Do you hate me?” He thought asking how mad she was about the 6 a.m. wake-up call would throw her off a bit. Christine said, “No, but I might later,” to which Drew replied, “I don’t think so, because I brought you something else to wear on this trip.” In her head, she was wondering why Drew was potentially blowing this huge surprise. She barely had time to notice that he had gotten on one knee. Completely surprised, she said “yes!”


The fishing excursion was unsuccessful, but neither really cared. After they tied up the boat and headed out to join the family for breakfast, Christine came up with something clever to say to announce the big news. She walked in and showed off her sparkling ring, stating, “I didn’t catch anything, but Drew did…ME!”


We’re so happy for this beautiful couple and are overjoyed to be a part of their love story!

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