Cana & Jeremiah’s Festive Proposal

There’s nothing better than getting engaged during the most wonderful time of the year! This Shane Co. couple’s festive holiday proposal is truly romantic. Keep reading for the adorable details!

Jeremiah and Cana met through mutual friends during an intramural game at school. They hit if off immediately and started having lunch together. Soon they realized they liked each other as more than friends. Jeremiah is a wrestler and Cana became the team’s manager, so they could spend more time together. When their school had a Sadie Hawkins dance, Cana decided to ask Jeremiah to be her date and he said “yes!” Little did she know that she’d be saying “yes” to him a little over a year later.


This fall the two entered their senior year of college, and with graduation coming up, Cana had an engagement on her mind. One day the two decided to go on a festive ice-skating date with some friends. After the sun set, they walked around and looked at the holiday lights. When the two got to a spectacular Christmas tree, they asked their friend to take a picture of them in front of it. After taking a couple of shots, Cana looked over and saw Jeremiah on one knee with the most beautiful ring. She said “yes!”


Jeremiah visited several jewelry stores before finally finding the perfect ring for Cana at Shane Co. The gorgeous halo showcases a diamond from his parents’ Shane Co. engagement ring, which his father gave him before he passed. It’s beautiful and extra sentimental.

Cana and Jeremiah plan to get married in May 2017 after they graduate college. We’re thrilled to be a part of their love story!

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