A Shane Co. Wedding – Congratulations Eric & Stacy

As your friend in the diamond business we love being a part of our customers lives and stories, so when Eric asked Matt Abel, the office manager at our Louisville store to not only help pull off his dream proposal but also act as Best Man he was honored to participate and share their story.

Shane Co. Store Wedding Wedding in a Shane Co. Store

“About a month ago I received an email from Eric stating how appreciative of his time as a customer at Shane Co., and asking if we would be willing to let him surprise Stacy in the store with a new proposal and wedding when they were picking up the new ring. He also asked if I would stand in as the best man…

It was decided that on August 2nd Eric would bring Stacy into the store to pick up the new ring. He invited about 14 close friends and family, and found a Justice of the Peace waiting for their arrival. At the planned time we invited the guests to hide in our hallway by the office during the time Eric and Stacy would arrive.

After their arrival in the store Eric proceeded to sneak to the back and return with the hiding guests behind him. I kept Stacy occupied long enough for everyone to get literally right behind her, and Eric got down on one knee, and at that moment I told her to turn around and Eric surprised her with the proposal. Justice of the Peace got up and Eric told her they were getting married right then and there. The ceremony went nicely, and they were married.”

Rose gold engagement ring and wedding band =

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