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Commemorate Special Moments

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Jewelry serves as a means of expression, and what better way to express yourself than with jewelry you helped design? At Shane Co., there are dozens of pendants that you can personalize, making them completely unique, just like you!

Repurpose a Gemstone

July Social Images_DesignPendant-MountableChange is a beautiful thing. If you find yourself with a piece of jewelry that does not have the trendy look you’re going for, you can transform it into something completely new! Shane Co. allows you to take a stone from another piece of jewelry and have it mounted in a new pendant! I recently worked with a customer who wanted to sell her old ring because she just did not love it anymore. Instead of taking the entire ring, we took out the diamond and put it into a halo pendant that she fell in love with.

Create a Charm Pendant

It can be hard to find the perfect pendant to represent life’s most special occasions. Luckily, Shane Co. has a HUGE variety of charms to help you commemorate those moments. July Social Images_DesignPendant-SweeperOur selection includes holiday charms, sports charms, letter charms, engravable charms—you name it and Shane Co. likely carries it! A mother recently came into the store looking for a pendant to represent her three children. After looking at many options, she ended up selecting a letter charm for each child’s first initial and we added their birthstone to it. She put the charms on one of our chains in order from oldest to youngest. It reads “GOS,” which doesn’t make sense to most people, but that’s what makes it so special—it is completely unique to her!

Engrave a Pendant

A great way to add a personal touch to a pendant is by having it engraved with a date, name or quote that is significant to you. Shane Co. has gold engravable bar necklaces that are quite popular. We also have engravable lockets that you can place a special photo inside. You will always feel special wearing a pendant that has a personalized message on it!

Customize a Because Collection Pendant

The Because Collection by Shane Co. offers pendants that allow Mom to keep her children close to her heart while showing off their vibrant birthstones! These pendants come in several different designs and can hold up to seven precious stones. Shane Co. has all-natural precious stones in every color of the rainbow, allowing you to find the right one for your individual taste.

July Social Images_660x400-DesignPendant-FeatureNow wait, these don’t have to be JUST for Mom! You can customize a pendant for any occasion. I have always wanted to do a three-stone pendant with a ruby, diamond and blue sapphire to represent my father and grandfathers who served in the military. Whatever stones you want in whatever pendant design you like, it’s completely up to you!

Visit ShaneCo.Com to create a distinctive pendant for your style or visit your local Shane Co. store.

Calsey joined the Shane Co. team in October 2014. As a Diamond Consultant in the Woodbury store, Calsey helps customers find jewelry they can wear every day and special pieces for their big day. Her favorite thing about working for Shane Co. is helping customers find exactly what they are looking for. In her free time, Calsey enjoys traveling and shopping.

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