Celebrating Mother’s Day with Blogger Danielle Greco

We’re so excited to shine the spotlight on Danielle Greco this Mother’s Day. Danielle is a Denver-based lifestyle blogger and mom-to-be who writes about her passions on According to D. We asked her to give us the scoop on her life and blog before celebrating her first Mother’s Day. Here’s what she had to say!

How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging in October 2014, so it’s been a couple of years now. My husband and I run a business together and I wanted something for myself. My blog is an outlet for me to be girly and creative. It’s my own little space.

How excited are you to be pregnant?

I’m so excited! This is my husband’s and my first baby. It’s a little boy, due on June 6. We still have not picked a name yet; we’re having a hard time deciding!

Tell us a little bit about your mom. 

I have the best mom ever. She is the most loving person. She’s always out to help everyone. If I can be half as great as she is, then I will be good to go.

Do you think your mom would like jewelry for Mother’s Day?

Yes! My mom loves everything pretty and girly. She would love anything from the Shane Co. Mother’s Day collection.

What’s your favorite piece from the collection?

The blue topaz bolo bracelet. It’s really pretty!

How do you plan to celebrate your first Mother’s Day?

I have it all planned out! For my first Mother’s Day I want to go to The Brown Palace in downtown Denver and do the teatime they have there. And of course I want to go to the spa!

To see more of Danielle’s journey into motherhood follow @according.to.d.blog on Instagram.

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