The Truth about Being a Shane Co. Intern

We all know Shane Co. is the best place to buy your fine bridal and fashion jewelry, but what is it like to work there as a summer intern? Overall, the answer is that working at Shane Co. is great. Myself and three other interns – Carissa, Vee, and Malik – all worked on different projects in different departments, but we all had awesome experiences  at Shane Co. headquarters this summer. (And I’m not saying that because the President, one of the Executive Vice Presidents, and the Vice President of Human Resources just took the four of us out to lunch).

At Shane Co., the work environment is great (except when the AC is blasting a little too much). The open door policy here ensured that we were always able to, and feel comfortable talking to, someone when we wanted more information about something.  Everyone at Shane Co. is friendly, and everyone is really into the community aspect within the office. There is always lively conversation, the bringing in of food to share, and decorating of their co-workers desks for  birthdays. Vee and I got to help decorate a desk in the Human Resources Department. We went all out of course.

One thing that really surprised me about the people here was their willingness to try new things to support the culture of the home office, and their openness with how it did or did not work. Shane Co. puts on workshops that everyone attends (even the interns were allowed to go!) and new ideas and strategies for improving the work environment are presented and discussed. When I learned about what these workshops were, I figured that they would work as well as ice breakers work at college orientation; a leader tells you what to do, and everyone awkwardly and reluctantly follows the directions and no one really learns a lot or has any fun. That is the complete opposite of what happens at Shane Co. Everyone, including Tom Shane, got involved. People were sharing experiences, talking about how they implemented previously discussed ideas and strategies, and asked questions. It was truly eye opening and exciting to see people come together and be so willing to do whatever they could to make this the best place to work, and to help others do the same.

Another awesome thing we all got to discover about Shane Co. was how much everyone here likes to have fun. We got to go miniature golfing as a company, and recently there was an ice cream social for everyone here, which was one of Vee’s favorite days working here.

Carissa, a senior at University of Northern Colorado, has been interning at Shane Co. for a few years now. Over her time here, she has seen the intern program grow, allowing interns to work in a department they can flourish in.

When Carissa started, she worked in a different department every day, but it became clear that IT was where she needed to stay. The past two summers, she has been helping test the website and all of our systems to ensure there are no issues.  Along with testing the website, Carissa is helping design a new Design Your Own Ring webpage, and is testing new programs to be implemented in the future. Over her time here, Carissa has grown to know her co-workers (her favorite part of working at Shane Co.).

Malik is currently interning in the marketing department after working in IT for the beginning of the summer. The coolest thing he got to do this summer was work with the graphic design team on an ongoing sports campaign. Malik, a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder, also stocked items, made inventory lists, and organized. He got to do different things and learn more every day, and no two days in a row were ever alike.

Vee, Shane Co.’s favorite junior at Colorado Christian University, interned in the accounting department and helped with our Facilities team as well. When he wasn’t filing, boxing, or working in Excel, he was helping out the facilities team move things, fix things, and change things around. Although Vee isn’t a huge fan of sitting at a computer, he is a fan of his co-workers. Vee noticed the same thing I did, that everyone makes it so fun to work here, and people care about more than just work.

I’m probably biased, but I think I’ve had the best job here. Before I started, I was expecting to do stereotypical, boring intern duties like sorting things and shredding paper. As soon as I arrived on my first day, I realized that I was totally wrong about what my boss had planned for me. Over the course of the summer, I got to take photos for the Instagram account, go on a photo shoot, blog, look at thousands of wedding photos, and do a presentation about Pinterest for a room full of important Shane Co. staff (including my mom… yikes).  I’ve gotten the opportunity to connect with photographers and other industry professionals, set up for Yelp events, learn how much work really goes into social media, and spend a morning shadowing an awesome sales associate in one of our stores! One of the best parts of working for Shane Co. this summer was getting to work with my mom. Although we were in different departments, we usually drove into work together and I know I could always sneak into her office to steal Jolly Ranchers from her candy jar.

Part of why I worked so hard as an intern was because everyone here makes me want to work harder (and so I wouldn’t disgrace the family name — can’t embarrass the mom).  Everyone throws themselves so wholeheartedly into their projects, but also always has time to stop and answer a question or help a co-worker out. Every employee here wants the company to really be the best it can be, a fact that is apparent to anyone who gets to spend any time there.

But, I know what everyone really wants to know; what’s the worst part of being an intern at Shane Co? The worst part would have to be missing the World Cup. Just kidding, they had the games playing on the big TV in the lunchroom. Best company ever, right? The actual worst part of being a summer intern at Shane Co. was having to leave.

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