Best Man Duties

So, you’ve been asked to be the best man at a wedding. Whether it’s for your brother, cousin or childhood friend, this title comes with responsibility. The groom has chosen you to be his go-to on the big day and the months leading up to it. If you’re not sure what you should do, read the list below!

Help the Groom with Formalwear

The groom and his groomsmen should look their best on the big day! Help the groom choose his wedding attire and coordinate with the other groomsmen to make sure everyone matches. You can also help pick out finishing touches, such as the boutonniere, pocket square and cuff links.

Organize the Bachelor Party

While the groom is planning all the details of his wedding, you’ll be in charge of planning his bachelor party. Manage the logistics and have those attending help split the costs. This party is all about the groom, so be creative! If a weekend of whitewater rafting fits his lifestyle, don’t plan a night at a bar.

Attend the Rehearsal

You will lead the way for the groom and groomsmen on the big day. To make sure everything goes smoothly, attend the rehearsal at the venue. You are also expected to stick around for the rehearsal dinner. The groom will appreciate having someone close to him to calm his nerves and provide encouragement during these events.

Help the Groom Get Ready

On the day of the wedding, make sure the groom is looking sharp and that he arrives to the venue on time. There will be some downtime before he walks down the aisle, so keep him relaxed and comfortable. Also, you are in charge of keeping the rings safe and secure until you get to the altar!

Give a Memorable Toast

It’s tradition for the best man to give a speech during the reception. When the groom looks back on his wedding day, he will love reminiscing on the heartfelt words you said. If you’re nervous, read this blog on how to make your speech memorable.

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