Choosing a Ring

How to Find Her Ring Size

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In the US, ring sizes are determined using a numerical scale ranging from 0-16, with ¼ and ½ increments. In certain other countries, an alphabetical scale is used. A full size increase means that it goes up by 0.032 inch in diameter and 1/10 inch in circumference.So, how can you find out your girlfriend’s ring size without her getting suspicious? That’s a tricky one. You could find one of her rings in her jewelry box and take that to a Shane Co. store to get measured – or follow the link below and use the guide. Or you could make an educated guess. If it’s the wrong size, Shane Co. will resize the ring free of charge for you.If you’d like to find out your ring size for your wedding band, simply visit the Shane Co. Ring Sizing section and follow the instructions.Wedding Ring Sizer

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