After ‘I Do’: Newlywed Checklist

After your honeymoon, there are a few tasks you’ll need to take care of. Here’s a checklist to help you get started!

1. Change Your Last Name

One of the first things you should take care of is getting your name changed. You will need to bring your marriage license to the DMV as proof of your new name.

2. Send Thank-You Cards

Although it will be time-consuming, it is important to set aside time to send out thank-you cards to those who took the time to attend your wedding. Try to make them personalized and thank guests for your wedding gifts.

3. Clean Your Wedding Dress

You will want to get your wedding dress cleaned and boxed. Find a dry cleaner that specializes in wedding dresses, as they will use a special process to keep it safe. When you take your dress home, make sure to store it somewhere cool and dry.

4. Figure Out Your Finances

Spend some time together working out a plan for paying bills and saving.

5. Plan Time with Family and Friends

Family and friends on both sides of your family will want to spend time with you during the holidays. Work out a plan to spend equal time with them to save hurt feelings.

6. Prioritize Date Night

Make a habit of prioritizing date night now and you will be prepared when life becomes even busier. Keep the flame going!

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