A Day in the Life of a Jewelry Buyer

Shane Co. is known for our large selection of beautiful jewelry, including the latest trends. But have you ever wondered how all of these pieces make their way into our store? We got the inside scoop from our senior fashion buyer, who recently returned from a jewelry show in Hong Kong where she discovered many new styles. Here’s a look at the first day of her buying trip!

Wednesday, 8:05pm

I left Denver on Tuesday, but the flight to Hong Kong didn’t land until Wednesday evening. Though I’m pretty tired from the journey, I join Tom Shane and our vice president of merchandise for a late-night meal at a nearby Chinese restaurant.

Thursday, 6:00am


I wake up early, grab some coffee and walk around the city. Once I get back to my room, I set aside time to answer my emails and update my coworkers back in the U.S.

Thursday, 9:00am

I meet my team for breakfast at the hotel buffet and we go over the agenda for the day and the rest of the week. We discuss what we are looking for at the show and what vendor appointments we each have.

Thursday, 10:30am


The jewelry show is a short walk from the hotel. When I arrive, I find that the theme this year is Titanic. I have seven vendor appointments to attend, and I am on a mission to discover fresh new styles. Throughout the day I select several items that I am excited to introduce in future campaigns.

Thursday, 6:00pm

The day goes by so fast! I leave the show and go back to the hotel to freshen up a bit and answer work emails. I get drinks with a vendor I have known for years and discuss this year’s show and the jewelry scene.

Thursday, 8:00pm


For dinner, I join my team at an Italian restaurant near the hotel. It’s nice to just enjoy the company of my coworkers.

Thursday, 9:30pm

After a long day, I enjoy some relaxing time in my hotel room. Before I go to sleep I check my email, take some notes and get ready for the next day at the show.

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