A Chart-Topping Surprise Proposal

There’s nothing we love more than a memorable engagement story, so when we were invited to partner with country star Chris Lane to pull off a surprise proposal in his new music video, our answer was, of course, “YES!” “Instead of making up a love story for the music video, I wanted to have a real life, genuine love story, and this is the real deal,” explains Chris in the video. That’s where Connie and Brandon come in. The adorable couple met at Brandon’s gym, and after their first date, he started saving for a ring. Two years later, Brandon began the next chapter of their love story with this epic surprise. We had a chance to chat with the happy couple moments after Brandon popped the question. Read on and cue the happy tears!


Shane Co.: Tell us what went into planning this surprise proposal during Chris Lane’s music video, “For Her.”

Brandon: So much! There were a lot of moving pieces, including a lot of secret meetings, which were actually secret rehearsals. The best part of the whole thing was we orchestrated it so that Connie actually invited me to her own surprise proposal. One of Connie’s friends said she won a CMT contest and got to be a VIP on the set of Chris Lane’s new music video with a few friends. She invited Connie and mentioned I could come along too. When Connie invited me, I said something like, “Yeah, sure, I guess I could get off work that day.” She had no idea.

Shane Co.: What were you thinking before the proposal?

Brandon: I was absolutely nervous as hell. My heart was pounding.


Shane Co.: Connie, what was going through your head when you saw Brandon get down on one knee?

Connie: That it was fake and he was just doing it for the music video. I had no idea what to think. When he actually grabbed the ring, I knew it was the real thing.

Shane Co.: What did you think when you saw the ring?

Connie: I didn’t know what to say. It’s beautiful…very shiny with a marquise diamond. I love it!


Shane Co.: How did you know this was the perfect ring for Connie?

Brandon: About a month before the proposal, Connie was asked to observe the sales process at another retail store for her new job. I jokingly said, “Oh, you should go check out a jeweler.” It was my secret way of trying to find out what kind of rings she liked. She did, and after that, I had an idea of what she would want.


Shane Co.: What’s next?

Connie: My family is here unexpectedly, as well as one of my best friends from middle school. We are definitely going to celebrate tonight!

Brandon: Yes, we have lots of friends and family hanging out. We’re going to go take it all in! We couldn’t be more excited for this happy couple and we’re thrilled to be a part of their love story. See Connie’s Shane Co. ring up close here.

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