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6 Engraving Ideas for Your Wedding Rings

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If you want to engrave your rings to make them absolutely unique, here are a few of our favorite ideas:

1. A Date

Whether it’s the day you met, the day you proposed or your wedding day, any date that is special to your relationship is fair game!

2. A Name

This one might seem obvious, but remember that you don’t necessarily have to stick to your significant other’s first name for the engraving. You could also include a cute pet name you have for him or her!

3. A Fingerprint

Complete your love’s ring with an engraving of your fingerprint on the inside. Everyone’s fingerprint is unique, so this is a beautiful way to symbolize your one-of-a-kind love.

4. A Word with Meaning

Engravings may be little, but they can hold a lot of meaning. Pick a word that has meaning to your relationship. Honesty, compassion, love and humor are some of our favorites.

5. A Short Quote

There’s not much room on such a little canvas, but you can usually fit a short quote inside of your ring. Other fun options include an inside joke, song lyric or sweet saying.

6. A Funny Reminder

We once saw a men’s ring with “Put it back on!” engraved inside.

What funny little reminder would you leave for your sweetheart? Tell us in the comments below!

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