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5 Fun Facts about Rubies

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There are few stones in the world that inspire the imagination as much as the ruby. For centuries, they have been incorporated into storybooks, myths and legends, but there’s a lot you may not know about these mysterious gems. Here are a few of my favorite facts:

1. There Are a Variety of Colors

These fascinating gems can range in color from a pinkish red to a deep red with a hint of blue, commonly called “pigeon’s blood.” Finding a ruby in a darker hue is exceedingly rare anywhere outside of Asia.

2. They Are Very Strong

Rubies are made out of corundum, making them nearly as hard as diamonds. Whether they are set in a pendant or an engagement ring, they will last a lifetime. Rubies can be worn every day for generations on end!

3. Almost All Rubies Have Flaws

Inclusions are common in rubies, but rather than indicating poor quality, they distinguish genuine rubies from synthetic ones. Finding a ruby without any imperfections is incredibly rare.

4. The First Laser Used a Ruby

In 1960, Theodore Maiman invented the world’s first laser using a ruby, which absorbs green and blue light while emitting red light.

5. They Are Perfect for Gifting

The ruby is the official birthstone of July and the traditional gift for 40th wedding anniversaries. It’s also frequently given in celebration of the birth of a daughter. Whatever occasion you’re celebrating, the ruby makes a beautiful gift.

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