3 Unexpected Ways to Wear Men’s Jewelry

Think men’s jewelry is just for special occasions? Think again! Here are three fun and easy ways to accessorize more casual looks.

1. Repurpose a Tie Clip

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Tie clips are not just for suit-and-tie situations! When you’re dressed down, why not rock a tie clip on your hat for a new look?

2. Put a New Spin on the Layered Trend

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Long, layered necklaces are a top trend for guys and girls alike! Take the look a step further by positioning the necklaces down your back.

3. Lace Up with a Necklace

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Not a necklace kind of guy? We can change your mind! Lace up your favorite shoes with a stainless steel chain necklace for a unique accessory that’s sure to get noticed.

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