Choosing a Ring

Selecting a Metal Type

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Glamorous gold or pure platinum? Two precious metals; one important decision. Throughout history, gold and platinum have been hammered, molded, minted, shaped, mixed with other metals, textured and polished. But, ultimately, metal preference – like stone selection – is a matter of personal taste, subject to fashion, tradition or the appeal of a particular jewelry design. Use this information as a starting point in your decision-making process.


Rare, versatile and highly desirable, gold makes beautiful jewelry of all kinds. However, pure gold is too soft to be used by itself in jewelry, so it must be combined with an alloy (base metal). At Shane Co., you’ll only find gold jewelry of 14k and above. That’s because 10k gold jewelry contains less than 50% actual gold – too little to meet our standards for quality. A woman usually leans more towards yellow or white gold and – if you’re about to propose – you’ll probably know your lady well enough to identify her preference. We also carry styles in rose gold. Shop Now >


Platinum is the purest and most valuable of the metals used for fine jewelry. It is one of the strongest and most durable metals in the world. Its white luster shows little wear and wonderfully enhances gemstones, making it ideal for settings. Jewelry must be at least 95% pure platinum to earn the “PLAT” stamp. Shop Now >

Before stones are added to an engagement ring, a jeweler carefully hand-cleans and polishes the metal.

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